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1p2U - Mediawiki · Tuesday January 22, 2008 by Crosbie Fitch

To make things a little more transparent I think I’ll have a go at using Mediawiki as the CMS for 1p2U.com. Apologies for my design, but it may encourage others to produce far superior Mediawiki skins.

This means everything will be written as a plug-in to Mediawiki.

The first thing to do is to hook Mediawiki’s authentication mechanism into the Contingency Market.

This could be hairy.

A Sketch of 1p2U.com · Tuesday January 22, 2008 by Crosbie Fitch

I’ve just posted a rough sketch of how I envisage a 1p2U.com website would work out.
See Sketching 1p2U.com.

No doubt I’ll find a better way of documenting things. Mediawiki perhaps?

Crosbie Fitch said 4827 days ago :

A new captcha is now also installed.

It’s ngd_recaptcha by Sara Jacobson.

Sketching 1p2U.com · Tuesday January 22, 2008 by Crosbie Fitch

1p2U Widget for Blogger

The blog author visits 1p2U.com to register and enter their details in order to put a 1p2U/RSS widget on their blog (HTML/Javascript).

This widget helps demonstrate that the owner of the blog site is authorised to receive credit for blog articles posted there, and thus incentivised to publish articles in exchange for pennies pledged by their readers.

  • Blog author may have a means of identifying specific blog posts as unworthy.
  • Blog author may have multiple feeds and widgets for each.

1p2U Widget to Reader

The widget may render as a reader/cookie dependent image, e.g. different symbols/colours according to reader relationship/status.

The widget may have an immediate subscription toggle (light green=subscribing, dark green=not).

  • Current setting recorded by cookie.

If not ‘logged in’, subscribe-ON is counted as an uncredited pledge and remains unassociated with any account. It will be associated with the next person to log-in – subject to approval.

Widget has hyperlink to visit 1p2U.com

  • Shows details of blogger’s current sponsorship
  • Shows details of reader’s current status (new, returning, registered, logged-in)
  • Provides sponsorship options

Default pledge 1p per post (max 24 posts per day, 70 per week, 200 per month, 500 per year)

  • Max annual fee: £5

May be other options to pledge:

  • Max 1p per day if blog post occurs
  • Max 1p per week if blog post occurs (measured from user subscribe day)
  • Max 1p per 4weeks if blog post occurs (measured from user subscribe day)
  • Max annual fee:s £3.65, 52p, 13p.
  • Colours: Yellow, Blue, Turquoise

Other options

  • Login: username & pwd (min interval between failures from same IP doubles from 1 sec).
  • Register: e-mail – confirmation sent
  • Public terminal: Cookie has short expiry

1p2U Website

Front page
  • Introduction
  • Register (to get widget for your blog)
  • Login (to access your control panel)


  • Number of bloggers using 1p2U widgets
  • Number of subscribers
  • Maximum daily revenue
  • Top ten blogs based on actual subscription revenue


Options to set e-mail address for notification options, registration, payment, etc.

Registration confirmation page

We already have a previously entered entered e-mail address.

Unless the e-mail is already registered, a confirmation e-mail URL has been sent to the e-mail address and this has enabled the registrant to visit this page.

NB Only such confirmation e-mails will be sent until the URL is clicked. Minimum period between successive e-mails will double from 30mins.

Clicking on the URL will visit the 1p2U.com registration page.

New registrant details

  • Registrant E-mail address: for info
  • Input Username: any (never published)
  • Input Password: any (secret) (rejected if same as other’s password to same username)
  • Username is sent to e-mail address by way of confirming registration


Login form

  • Input Username:
  • Input Password: hidden

Control Panel

General details

  • Edit E-mail address (requires confirmation by new e-mail – will merge if existing account)
  • Edit Username
  • Edit Password
  • Edit Display Name
  • Edit homepage
  • Display name: Any (potentially public)
  • Permit display name and e-mail domain to be published as sponsor

Reader Account

  • Expenditure – how much spent
  • Paid – how much deposited
  • Dues – how much spent in excess of deposits
  • Exposure – how many blogs subscribed to, forecast expenditure given blog posting averages
  • Credit – recommended minimum funds necessary to cover current subscriptions (for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year)
  • Deposit funds

Blogger Account

  • Earnings – how much pledged
  • Received – how much received
  • Dues – how much due to receive
  • Revenue – how many subscribers, forecast earnings/receipts given blog posting averages and credit rating of readers
  • Choose withdrawal method Paypal/Cheque
  • Edit PayPal reception e-mail/ postal address for cheque
  • Withdraw funds

Get Widget

Blogger Widget Options

  • Edit Blog URL
  • Generate widget
  • Widget will contain “Display Name” @ e-mail domain.

1p2U.com · Monday January 21, 2008 by Crosbie Fitch

A Penny to You – Your Word to the World

I have now registered a domain name for what I have been calling the the ‘penny per post’ project, i.e. 1p2U.com.

Short and sweet. Does what it says on the tin.

Scott Carpenter said 4828 days ago :

Depending on how this is implemented, I’d be interested in trying it out. (And would be happy to offer feedback to help shape that implementation.) :-)

My blog readership is small, but some of them may be interested in experimenting with something like this. (And that’s how I’d likely promote it, initially: an experiment in compensating free culture producers.)

Scott Carpenter said 4828 days ago :

Looks like pennyperpost.com is available also…

Crosbie Fitch said 4828 days ago :

That’s great Scott. I look forward to the day when it’s ready to try out. All feedback gratefully received whether sooner or later.

However, there’s a long way to go before the widget is even created let alone ready to try. So far, there’s just my pair of hands and they aren’t exactly fast by any means.

But, yes, as you recognise, this is all progress toward enabling producers of free culture to be rewarded.

Making the production of digital art rewarding…

Crosbie Fitch said 4828 days ago :

If anyone wants to register pennyperpost.com and create a parallel or similar project they have my full encouragement.

All the source code and website content residing on 1p2u.com will be continuously available (free). Naturally, private information concerning its users (bloggers and readers) will not be published unless the persons concerned consent.

The whole point of 1p2U.com is to provide a demo and encourage people to create variations on this theme of free culture patronage.

The sooner the idea of funding free culture via public patronage gains credibility, the sooner we’ll all be enjoying cultural freedom in the digital domain.




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